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If you were visiting a web site that you don't own and you got an error message that contained a link to this page, then you are in the right place. If you are having a problem installing one of the nms programs on your own site then you should go here instead.

Important Note

You've reached this page because the owner of a web site has downloaded one of the scripts we offer for free download on our web site and installed it badly.

We don't run the site that you've just come from, and we can't fix the problem ourselves. You need to get the people that run the site to get in contact with us so we can advise them on how to fix their site.

If you report the problem to us yourself we will be unable to help fix it.

There is advice on contacting web site owners further down this page.

End User Support

Unfortunately we can only offer support to people who are trying to install our programs on their own web site. This is because we just offer our programs for free download, we do not install and configure them. Therefore we don't have access to the web server to fix whatever problem you have found.

The only people who can fix the problem that you have found are the people who own the site. We do not own the site. We are a group of volunteer programmers who supply free software for use on web sites. You will need to contact the web site owners and tell them about the problem.

Contacting Web Site Owners

Obviously, if the problem that you have found is with a contact form that uses one of our programs then getting in touch with the site's owners might be a bit tricky. Here are a few suggestions.

If you still can't get a response after trying all of these options, then you'll just have to accept that the owners of the site don't want your business. If they make it that hard to get in touch with them, I'd seriously consider looking for an alternative.

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