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The NMS project was started in 2000 with the aim of providing high quality and secure replacements for popular Perl programs used on the web and to provide the best support possible for those replacement programs.

The initial development work on the replacement programs is now largely completed and the programs are considered to be in 'maintenance mode'.


The programs released by the NMS project have been required to be largely compatible with the programs that they are replacing in the sense that for the most part they can be offered as drop in replacements and that the configuration should be familiar to someone who knows the older programs; however this imposes a limitation on the ability to provide for many feature requests or to implement more sophisticated security features.

With this in mind the 'phase two' of the NMS project is to provide entirely new programs without any of the legacy constraints and which can provide a far greater degree of functionality simply through their configuration rather than by customization. To date the only output from this effort has been the program 'TFmail' which is the recommended replacement for the 'FormMail' program (and to some extent also the guestbook program.)

Going forward the plan is to create a "Web Application Toolkit" that draws on the work already begun with TFmail. This should provide a wide variety of functionality without any programming knowledge on the part of the person configuring it, and it should be simply installed on the majority of shared web hosting that supports Perl CGI programs (the current NMS constraints are discussed at

The functionality provided should incorporate everything already available in the TFmail program but will also have features to support configuration (at minimum) as:

or any combination of the features of those. Extended features that will be common to all of these that may be needed include:

The intent being to support as wide as possible range of relatively simple web applications through a single set of program and library files simply through individual configuration and template files.

The resulting package should have user level documentation that will enable someone with little more experience than creating HTML pages to be able to configure the applications as quickly as possible including examples of configuration for the most common uses.

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