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Here's the article from the March 2002 issue of Linux Format.


And here's what the article says:

Although advocates are always saying that you can do anything, in any way, with Perl, one of its strengths is in CGI scripts. NMS consists of a set of CGI scripts that are intended as drop-in replacements for the scripts at Matt's Script Archive.(MSA).

MSA is a repository of CGI scripts written in Perl by a programmer called Matt Wright - probably the most popular repository of CGI scripts currently available on the internet. Matt Wright wrote the scripts in 1995, and they became extremely well known and popular. However as Wright says, "I wrote that code years ago when I was just learning to program, but have lost the time and motivation to keep it up". Despite bugs and security flaws the scripts continue in use, so last year the London Perl Mongers decided to write a series of drop-in replacements for Matt's scripts. "This means that anyone who uses one of Matt's scripts should be able to get the nms replacement and just drop it in in place of the original script. Everything should then work exactly as before, except that the user will sleep easier knowing that their web site is that little more secure,' says Dave Cross, compulsive Perl coder.

The target audience may well know very little about Perl, so the scripts will run under Perl 5.004_04 (or later); will not use any non-standard Perl modules - the target audience is not expected to know how to install modules from CPAN; and they must run with no errors or warnings under use strict and -wT - this is particularly important to teach good habits to those who learn coding Perl by examining these scripts.

"Code Review - We don't claim to be infallible, but with enough other people looking at our code we can find all of the bugs and insecurities.
Testers - We need people to install and try out the nms scripts. If you have problems with the installation, or in running them, please let us know.
Documentation - Our target audience are not Perl experts. We need clear and easy to follow documentation. Currently the documentation could be a lot better.
Developer - We can always use more developers. If you know Perl then we'd love to have your help. Want to get involved?" http://sourceforge.net/projects/nms-cgi/

Support: nms-cgi-support@lists.sourceforge.net
General Enquiries: Dave Cross (please do not use this address for support)
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